Quick bookshelf makeover

Hey ya’ll!

So this weekend I decided it was time to update my baby’s blue bookshelf in his room.
Here it is while priming:

I sanded, primed, and then rolled on some white-ish paint I had stashed in the junk closet.


I thought it would look cute with a stained plank top. So after screwing the planks on I got at Lowe’s, I stained the top with some of this.


I actually put it on with a rag, much easier than using a brush. Also, this gunk does not simply wash out, I found that out the hard way and ruined one of my paint brushes.

Here is the finished product.




I ordered some hairpin feet on Etsy for it that I will add to it later this week after they come in. I’m happy with the way it turned out especially the top. I wish the paint would have been more white than white-ish.

Stay tuned for a kitchen light fixture update. 🙂

Cheers ya’ll.


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