Out with the hideously ugly, in with that gorgeous copper thing.


I’m beyond thrilled! Last week before the hubs headed back to a land far far away, I talked him into taking down that eye sore that was looming above the island in the kitchen.

This is what was up there before. I, as usual didn’t have the foresight to take a “before” photo. So, you’ll have to use you imagination



Here’s the naked ceiling post-ugly thing. We like to put our ladder on the counter to get things done around here. One of the negatives of having 12ft ceilings.






I spotted this beaut on Amazon a week or so ago, it’s what inspired this wild undertaking.


My heart plummeted into my toes when I spied the price tag on this baby. The repeated ridiculous price I kept seeing was $584. I just simply couldn’t pull the trigger on it for that much moolah. So when it came time to put in the payment info I closed my browser. Not 15 minutes later a little birdie sent me an email with 15% off the light; I tried to haggle for 20% off and settled for a 17% discount. Thrilling isn’t it?!

The day after FedEx leaves it at our front door, here’s pops putting it together. I’m so lucky to have a handy dad to help me when honey-do is across the world.


This thing was super tricky to put together, not that it was overly difficult, just that it turns out all wonky and crooked after you connect all the attaching parts. We hung it up and took a step back and I was immediately worried. Dad made some adjustments and it is looking pretty straight. It maybe still walks with a slight limp. Either way, it is an immense improvement over what was there before.

Feast your eyes.


I’m asking Santa for Statuary Marble counter tops and a subway tile backsplash. I’ll paint the rest of the cabinets DIY. I don’t think the fat man in the red suit will come through but here’s hoping.

Oh, If you are as infatuated with this pretty thing as I am, here is the link to get your hands on one too.

Goodnight ya’ll!


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