Meet Spark: It’ll change your life!

Hey ya’ll!

So, in today’s news, two things:

#1. I quit my job in education technology to join my dad’s Marble and Granite fabrication company: Marbella Granite and Marble. I’m super excited! This is quasi what I got a Master’s degree in.

Ok let me explain, my Master’s is in Family and Consumer Sciences, which is a nice way of saying Home Ec. I may be putting that a little too bluntly, but I’m kind of known for that, just ask big sis.

Anyway, that department encompasses many areas; I chose to focus on Interior Design in Undergrad and Nutrition in Grad School. So getting to pick out materials for Kitchens (my favorite room in the house) and Bathrooms is pretty amazing. I also get to do all the techie stuff, marketing, and pretty much everything short of the heavy lifting.

More to come soon on my office makeover. It will be a DIY project, and a work in progress but should be fun!

#2. I am now an AdvoCare distributor. This is really what the title of my post refers to. I don’t know if ya’ll have tried any AdvoCare products, but you will love them. I was super skeptical at first, I used  to buy my vitamins and such on Amazon. But, then a friend of mine let me try a sample of Spark. It was love at first drink. The taste is great and I no longer have to drink 5 cups of coffee to get me through the day. Honestly, I was to the point where coffee wasn’t even doing it for me anymore anyway. Spark gives me long lasting energy and focus all day. I spent all day Monday moving big furniture and heavy rugs to get my office area ready to put the paneling up and when I got home at 5, I still had energy to exercise and chase after my 11 month old. I’m telling you, Amaaaazing! And that’s just one product. I can’t wait to get my hands on the pre-workout and post-workout recovery.

I’m going to be starting the 24 day challenge to cleanse and jump start weight loss and boost energy in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get a group to do it with me so I will have some before and after results to share. If any of ya’ll are interested in joining or interested in learning more about AdvoCare let me know!

Click on the link below if you’d like to see the products and/or order.

My Advocare page.


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