The Homemade Movement: Fresh Bread

Hey ya’ll!

So, I have been making a real effort to create for myself more things that I use everyday. I prefer to know what is in my food and products that I put on my body and are absorbed into my skin. Plus making these things myself saves money. Two birds! So far I have tackled lotion, dry shampoo, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, my son’s graham crackers and my latest venture, BREAD.

Making the bread came out of necessity, for 3 weeks in a row the commissary didn’t have the Eziekiel bread I normally buy. We finally ran out of my stash of bread in the freezer on Saturday, so Sunday I made bread for the week.

I made fresh yummy honey wheat bread. My 1 year old loves toast with a little organic butter-I’m sure he doesn’t care if it’s organic but I do, there’s bad for you chemicals in everything these days and we don’t even know it! It turned out really well, I can taste the hint of honey in each bite. Delish!

Feast your eyes!


I’m thinking of getting a slice as we speak…


So tasty and healthy.


I promise this was easy and I had everything on hand. I used a recipe from The Comfort of Cooking but tweaked it a bit.

I used the Kitchen Aid stand mixer that used to be my Mammo’s, I was lucky enough to end up with it after she passed away. Every time I use it I think of her and me as a kid standing on the little wooden step stool (I ended up with that one too) in her kitchen helping her bake. She’d let me wear her apron and stir whatever was in the bowl. Gosh I miss her and my Granddad.

Here it is working it’s kneading magic. They don’t even make beaters for it anymore, it’s practically an antique.


I’d love to hear what ya’ll are doing to create home made foods and goods!

Without further adieu here is the recipe I ended up creating.


1 cup water

1 cup milk

2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast

2 TB and an extra skoash honey (I used local natural raw honey-better for allergies and super delicious)

2 cups whole wheat flour (I used King Arthur)

1 cups almond flour (I used Bob’s mill)*

1 1/2 cups organic all purpose four

1 cup oat bran*

4 TB unsalted butter melted and cooled a smidge (I used Challenge Organic)

1 scant TB salt

*If you don’t have almond flour use whole wheat or all purpose or whatever tickles your fancy

*If you don’t have oat bran use rolled oats


Pour water and milk in bowl and microwave for 30-45 seconds until warm. (The original recipe said it needed to be 115 degrees F, but I didn’t check the temp and my bread turned out great). Pour watery milk into bowl of stand mixer. Add yeast and honey. Let sit 10 minutes (at this point it is supposed to turn foamy—I never saw foam).

Throw in the rest of the stuff—Flour through salt. Slap your dough hook attachment on your mixer and put it on medium and let it do the kneading for you for about 6 minutes. Dough is supposed to be smooth, elastic and only slightly sticky at this point—too many descriptives for me, I just turned my kitchen timer on and let it count down for me. Cover the bowl with a tea towel, make sure it’s clean and that it doesn’t have dog drool or baby spit up on it like mine often do (I promise I found a clean one for this bread creation session). Let it rise for an hour in a warm-is place until it doubles in size.

Next, punch the dough down and throw it on a floured surface. Smush it into a 8×8-ish sized square and roll that into a Lincoln log. Toss that into a “greased” loaf pan (I use spray coconut oil, you could butter it, or whatever floats your boat). Make sure the seam side is on the bottom. Cover that ensemble with tea towel and let it rise 30-40 minutes.

I baked my creation in a preheated 375 degree F oven. I sprinkled some more oat bran on top-but I shouldn’t have bothered since they all fell off after I took the loaf out of the pan. Bake for 40-50 minutes—rotate halfway through baking.  Loaf is ready when top is deep brown. Put it on a cooling rack if that’s your thing.

Make sure you take a nibble before its completely cooled, because warm bread is super tasty.

See you next time. Please share your homemade creations, I’d love an easy recipe for homemade hair conditioner!


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