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Hi Ya’ll! Thanks for stoppin’ in!

My name is Maliha, let me write that so you know how to pronounce it: Melia. Yep, my entire life folks have been butcherin’ my name, makes for good entertainment. I blame my parents, of course.

Welcome to my blog about my various “projects”. I just love projects don’t you? and lists, lists are the best!

I am lots of things! I’m a momma to a beautiful baby boy and a super cute golden retriever, Maverick. I’m an air force wife to an AMAZING man, who manages to make me smile when it seems impossible. I’m a sister, a middle sister at that. I’m a Southerner, a chocoholic, and a red wine lover. I work at my dad’s marble, granite, & quartz fabrication company (http://www.marbellainc.com), I work on DIY projects when I can, and I love to hit the gym.

I adore all things related to pretty houses, especially pretty white farm houses. I heart dreaming up beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. In my dream world, I’m a kitchen and bath designer and small gym owner.

I started blogging to share my projects, workouts, recipes, inspiration, and to connect with other brilliant folks in the blogosphere.


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