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Planked Fireplace Update

Hey ya’ll!

What’s new?

We finished the fireplace redo last weekend…or was it the weekend before? I’ve been putting off caulking around the tiles, but I’ll get to it sooner or later.

We used 1×6 pine boards and had Lowe’s cut them to the length we needed. Luckily, we had two studs spaced just right to screw the boards into the wall. We used a nickel as a spacer. We pre-drilled the holes to avoid splintering the wood and so the screws would go in deep enough for me to fill the holes and smooth them over. We put a vertical plank on each side to give it more of a finished look, as well. The color is Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal.

I did paint the area behind the planks darker to avoid white wall peeking through.

Check out my awesome handyman screwing the first couple of planks in.


Progress…this project was spaced out over at least a week. IMG_0482

It was like this for 3 or 4 days. The top plank had to be cut down because it was too wide. I had to wait until I remembered to take it to the shop with me and then use the big scary saw without losing a body part. I managed, but was a little scaredy cat.IMG_0485

Here it is all done! We glued the side planks on with Liquid Nails since there were no studs there. IMG_0490

So far, it seems to be holding up. IMG_0489

Now I’ve just got to figure out how to decorate this. I don’t want to screw anything into the boards to hang anything. I’m thinking command strips to hold up a boxwood wreath with deer antlers in the middle…? Ok I have no idea really, I need to scour Pinterest for some ideas.

I do love, love, love our new fireplace. 

Before and after: (the before is the pic from the MLS listing when we bought our house since I didn’t think to take a before pic)

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.52.45 PM

Our walls were tan before, they are cream now, but this photo reads more tan since we took it at night.

On to our next project. I’m toying with the idea of tackling our master bathroom next. I plan to change out the tile on the tub surround and change out the granite. Maybe we’ll plank the wall behind the vanity…oh the possibilities.

We will just have to see!

What project are you working on?

TTFN ya’ll!


Fireplace project progress

Hey ya’ll! I have been keeping busy with projects. We are in the middle of redo-ing our fireplace and I’m already trying to plan our next project. 

Mr. Middlesister wishes I would just sit still, but I told him I ALWAYS have to have a project. It’s how I work. 🙂

So here is an update on our fireplace so far. We re-tiled it ourselves with a small marble subway tile from Lowe’s. It was a total b-word to work with. It kept crumbling when we would go to cut it. 

   Yes, we had to piece the hardibacker together because the insert or the mantle (or both) isn’t straight.  Pre-grout.

We have also started painting it.

  Post-grout, but not siliconed (just made that word up) yet. Here we are with one coat of paint. The color is Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore. 

Next we are planking the wall above the fireplace and siliconing (there I go making up words again) and painting a second coat on the fireplace.

More to come…